Freelance Designer

With over a decade of expertise in digital design encompassing web, graphics, and brand design.

I design & build amazing websites in WordPress with Elementor.

Freelance Designer

Create beautiful impactful branding & brand identities.

Design incredible graphics, video, printed media & more.

Why Me?

Offering consistent, high-quality design solutions at a single, transparent monthly rate.

I focus on two clients at a time, delivering exceptional results fast, without compromising on quality.

I can integrate new features, revamp content and adapt your project to follow the latest trends.

From day one, access my client portal for real-time project updates and roadmap visibility.

I emphasise delivering unique designs, ensuring your brand stands out with a distinct visual identity.

With fair timelines for all projects. I'm fully engaged from start to finish, focused on your business goals.

10 Years
of Design Experience
Completed Projects
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I’m Mike Overton, an experience designer and multimedia specialist with over 10 years of experience, based in Woking, Surrey. I craft bespoke WordPress and e-commerce websites using Elementor, and deliver complete brand identities.
Beyond web design, my expertise extends to creating high-quality graphics, videos, and printed materials. Working with a diverse range of clients, from startups to large companies, I am dedicated to surpassing expectations on every project. In my free time, I co-host and handle all the design work for the Clonestar Podcast.

My Approach

I provide a reliable alternative to inconsistent freelancers and costly agencies.


Gathering insights on your goals, design preferences, and target audience to establish a solid foundation.

Collaborative review

In the design phase, your feedback is crucial for refining structure and functionality from the start.

Make it pop

Crafting a functional, accessible design with engaging interactions and animations for an immersive user experience.


Attention to detail and thorough polishing are key to the final product. I will iterate until you are fully satisfied with the results.

Ready to take off

Delivering a fully functional website or design, ready for immediate launch, to ensure a smooth transition from concept to completion.

My Work

Check out to see how we work and what we achieve. A picture speaks a thousand words!
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Martin Durrad
“Mike’s work is outstanding. From joining me back in early 2016 to sort out my website, Mike has helped me in so many other aspects of my business from a rolling advert screen on my televisions to aiding me with anything technical whatsoever. I cannot recommend him highly enough. “
Jamie U’Dell
“He created my website, designed all new branding and advertising publications (business cards, social media logos, banners & email signature). Everything looks excellent. Very professional, responsive and extremely pleasant to work with.”
Seo Hurley
“Mike revamped our branding and website for The Clonestar Podcast, and we are beyond impressed! His understanding of our vision, exceptional creativity, and user-friendly design have elevated our podcast to new heights. Highly recommend!”

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Slik & Reed

Project Type
Branding & Web Design
Logo, Brand, Website, SEO

At Silk and Reed, beauty meets craftsmanship. Visitors can explore bespoke artificial flowers and greenery, designed for lasting elegance. Perfect for the home, office, or special events, these creations enchant and inspire.

About The Project

The brand and website were carefully designed to reflect the exquisite nature of Silk and Reed’s offerings. The website provides a seamless user experience, showcasing the unique beauty and craftsmanship of each piece.

Foresight Sports Europe

2021 – Present
Digital Marketing Executive
Web, Branding, Email, Campaigns, Print

Driven by innovation and cutting-edge engineering, they have been delivering ground-breaking golf analysis and simulation solutions to their clients – across the UK, Europe, Middle East, and Africa – for over 20 years. 

About The Role

As Digital Marketing Executive, I am responsible for everything digital for Foresight Sports Europe. This includes building and maintaining the WordPress website and Shopify e-commerce site. Designing, planning & implementing email, social campaigns & high converting landing pages for varying promotion and information campaigns. 

Clonestar Podcast

2016 – Present
Project Type
Branding, Web Development, Digital, Media Production

Branding, Graphics, Video & Audio, Website

The Clonestar Podcast, created by Seosamh Hurley and Seán Ferrick, adds an Irish touch to Star Trek reviews, focusing on the Original Series and Shatner’s overacting. As they explored, they discovered new perspectives through interviews. The podcast quickly gained a dedicated audience, becoming a cherished platform for fun discussions and diverse views.

About Project

I revamped The Clonestar Podcast with a stunning mobile-first website, new logo, brand marks, Star Trek-inspired social media templates, and captivating video titles for their YouTube channel. The rebranding was a resounding success, attracting a wider audience and boosting engagement across platforms. 

The Garibaldi

2016 – Present
Project Type
Branding, Web Development, Digital 
Brand, Website, Video Displays, Social

The Garibaldi was built towards the end of the 1780s. The 1871 census shows it as being run by Charles and Ann Smith who had one son. Its beamed structure, although not listed, is a fine example of late 19th Century public house design. Its draymans delivery store still exists to the side of the pub and can be identified by the high small door at the front of the structure. This is where beer and wine barrels would have been off-loaded from horse-drawn carts. In the late 1990s it was rebranded The Hooden Takes a Knap, but fortunately regained its former identity as The Garibaldi following a further change of ownership in 2005.

About Project

I modernised The Garibaldi Knaphill’s brand with a mobile-first website, creative digital and print media, and a dynamic social media strategy. This cohesive rebranding boosted footfall, received positive feedback, and grew the digital following, blending tradition with innovation.

The rebranding centred on a stunning mobile-first website. Using advanced design and responsive technology, we ensured a seamless, engaging experience for all visitors, making the website a digital gateway that attracted both loyal and new patrons to The Garibaldi Knaphill.


2017 – 2021
Marketing and E-Commerce
Web, Branding, Email, Campagns

iStore are an Apple Premium Reseller and Apple Premium Service Provider. They have over 35 years experience in supplying and supporting Apple technology.

About The Role

As an Marketing & E-Commerce Executive i was responsible for driving online e-commerce sales using all available channels, including social media, online advertising, out-of-home advertising and in-store promotions. I would also plan and implement all of the social media campaigns while adhering to Apple’s brand identity rules


2022 – Present
Project Type
White Labeled Services
Brand, Website, Social

After a nightmare with a so-called “marketing expert,” Deavesons were left with a subpar website, no online sales, and a hefty bill for the privilege. I assisted in re-establishing Deavesons on the digital map while also re-establishing faith in marketing through measurable ROI.

About The Project

I was hired by a partner agency to design & develop their new website. With a brand-new online platform built from the ground up and a series of new lead generation campaigns, they were able to achieve online sales almost immediately, while allowing Deavesons to grow revenues through the new flow of inquiries for their bespoke repairs and restorations services.

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Michael Overton

10+ years of experience in the field of digital design working for some awesome companies. 

Currently working at Foresight Sports Europe and as a freelance helping brands solve problems through beautiful design and experiences.

My skills include:

Wordpress Design, Wordpress Maintenance, SEO, HTML, CSS, Ul Design, UX Design, User Research, User Testing, Site mapping, Branding, Leadership, Project Management, Client Communication, Adobe Suite.
Career Experience

Responsible for everything digital for Foresight Sports Europe. This includes building and maintaining the WordPress website and Shopify e-commerce site. Designing, planning & implementing email, social campaigns & high converting landing pages for varying promotion and information campaigns.

Responsible for driving online e-commerce sales using all available channels, including social media, online advertising, out-of-home advertising, in-store promotions and campaigns. 


Providing creative solutions for small to medium-sized businesses. I offer comprehensive web and graphic design services tailored to enhance brand identity and online presence.

Career Experience

East Surrey College