The Garibaldi


2016 – Present

Project Type 

Branding, Web Development, Digital 


Brand, Website, Video Displays, Social


I transformed The Garibaldi Knaphill’s brand with a modern approach, including a captivating mobile-first website, creative digital and print media, and a dynamic social media strategy. The cohesive rebranding resulted in increased footfall, positive feedback, and a growing digital following, making The Garibaldi Knaphill a beacon of excellence that blends tradition with innovation. 


The cornerstone of this rebranding effort was the development of a stunning mobile-first website. Leveraging cutting-edge design principles and responsive technologies, we ensured that every visitor to the website could enjoy a seamless and engaging experience, regardless of the device they were using. The website became a digital gateway, inviting both loyal patrons and new guests to explore the diverse offerings and immersive ambiance of The Garibaldi Knaphill.