Lunar Design
Ad-hoc in spare time
2010 – Present
Lunar Design

Lunar Design

Lunar Design is my freelance name. Since 2010 I have used Lunar Design to work with small businesses & charities to broaden my skill set and experience. 

My Role

I specialise in providing creative solutions for small to medium-sized businesses. I offer comprehensive web and graphic design services tailored to enhance brand identity and online presence.

What I Do

Leveraging my expertise in tools such as WordPress, Google Analytics and Adobe Creative Suite. I create visually appealing designs while ensuring seamless user experiences. By collaborating closely with clients and incorporating their feedback, I deliver high-quality designs that meet their unique requirements. I have a keen eye for aesthetics, strong problem-solving skills and a client-centric approach. All of these project are done on an ad-hoc basis and are done in my own personal time.

Let’s work together.

Creating user experience and visual appealing design