Clonestar Podcast


2016 – Present

Project Type 

Branding, Web Development, Digital, Media Production 


Branding, Graphics, Video & Audio, Website

ABOUT Clonestar

The Clonestar Podcast was born from the brilliant minds of Seosamh Hurley, the ultimate Star Trek: The Animated Series enthusiast, and Seán Ferrick, a walking encyclopedia of random Star Trek facts. Their vision was to add an Irish touch to reviews of every season of Star Trek, shedding light on the Original Series and hilariously pointing out moments of Shatner’s “overacting.” As they delved deeper, they realized the overacting might have been exaggerated, sparking their journey to explore new perspectives through interviews with those connected to Trek. The podcast quickly soared, captivating a dedicated audience, providing a fun space for discussions and embracing diverse views away from the divisive realms of the internet. The Clonestar Pod has become a special and exciting platform, cherished by both its creators and loyal listeners. 

What I Did

I revamped The Clonestar Podcast with a stunning mobile-first website, new logo, brand marks, Star Trek-inspired social media templates, and captivating video titles for their YouTube channel. The rebranding was a resounding success, attracting a wider audience and boosting engagement across platforms.